About de Boot Room

de Boot Room Ltd. is a sports company which was set up in 2009 to provide football resources to coaches, teams, and players. We pride ourselves on providing soccer related materials and equipment, as well as opportunities for players to extend their knowledge base at every level.

de Boot Room Ltd. currently provides the following services:

de Boot Room Player Agency:
The DBR Agency has been set up to provide career management services to young footballers who aspire to attend foreign universities on scholarship or play professionally in leagues in Trinidad or abroad.

de Boot Room Wholesale and Retail Supplies:
The sale and distribution of soccer sporting goods such as football boots, kit and training equipment.

de Boot Room Football Academy:
Based in St. Clair, this was started in February 2009 for football players, between the ages of eight (8) to nineteen (19), to get exposure to different training methods and increased knowledge on the game.

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